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Skilled Dental Care, Exams, & Teeth Whitening

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Turn to the dedicated team headed by Dr. Harry Campbell at Sterling Dentistry PLLC in New York, New York, for skilled dental care, including dental exams, teeth whitening, and a range of other services. Dr. Campbell and his experienced staff are there for you every step of the way, ensuring your comfort and understanding with any treatment. They custom tailor every visit, minimizing the time you spend in the office and providing high-quality service in a safe, pleasant environment.


Available Treatments

Dr. Campbell's goal is to win your loyalty by establishing a long-lasting, meaningful relationship centered around trust, respect, and self-worth. He believes it is essential to understand that excellent oral health can't be achieved only through dental exams and sound treatment, but must be combined with a customized prevention program. The practice offers a wide range of treatment options to restore and maintain your teeth:

   •  Crowns—Porcelain & Porcelain-Fused Metal Crowns Are a Great Option When Filling Fails or There Are Large Cavities
   •  Fillings—Composite Resin Fillings Have No Mercury & Appear More Natural
   •  Emergency Care—24-Hour Emergency Care Is Available for Cracked Teeth, Abscess, Swelling, Pain, & Bleeding
   •  Tooth Replacement—Dentures, Implants, & Bridges Are Used to Replace Missing Teeth & We Choose the Best Option During an Exam
   •  Teeth Whitening—One-Hour Service to Whiten Teeth Using Reliable Zoom™ Whitening 
   •  Dental Exams—Evaluations Include X-Rays to Determine Treatment Options & Tailor a Plan to Improve Your Dental Health

Contact Dr. Campbell to learn more about dental care, exams, teeth whitening, and other treatment options and procedures.